Dear Members of Wikimedia ZA, Wikimedia Usergroup Ghana, Wikimedia Usergroup Cote d’Ivoire, Wikimedia Usergroup Tunisia, and  Wikimedia Usergroup Egypt.

As most of you know, I have been invited to be on the programme committee for GLAM-WIKI 2015. The point being to get as many experienced Wikipedians who have worked with GLAMs or want to work with GLAMs to apply. The other point is to get Africa’s important GLAMs to the conference to introduce them to the benefits of the Open Movement and working with the Wikipedia community in particular.

I would be grateful if you could share the following news among your colleagues and any GLAM professionals you have been working with - and apply yourself, if you think you fit the criteria! 

The GLAM-WIKI conference will take place in early April. To find out more take a look at the conference page:

Here are the direct links to pages that should interest you and be forwarded onto your GLAM contacts:
Submit, share & prepare!

Hope to see some Africa-based organisations at the conference!

Let me know if you are keen.