I am anticipating a bit... but I wanted to give a quick head-ups on the topic of image reuse.

From last WLA (2014), we can identify 5893 images uploaded.
Out of 5893, distinct images reused : 411, which is 7% of total.

Main reuse are

en.wikipedia    98
en.wikibooks    97
pt.wikipedia    88
ar.wikipedia    78
fr.wikipedia    72
meta.wikipedia    67
fr.wikibooks    35
he.wikipedia    12
de.wikipedia    11
ru.wikipedia    10
outreach.wikipedia    8
pl.wiktionary    7
ja.wikipedia    7
en.wikivoyage    6


In 2015, we have collected 5687 images
With a few days left, we can say that we are... VERY STABLE :)

Current distinct images reused : 57 (=1% of all images uploaded)

I think the strategy of submitting the best images for Quality Images is excellent. It will allow to do a filter of images and will help contributors to reuse those on the wikimedia projects.