We are delighted to witness another 360+ days in our calendar. No doubt, it has been an eventful year. As a team, our years is calibrated not by twelve months in a year but by the number of works done within our community as a reflection of our projections for the year. We are glad to thank you all for making it happen.


Sincerely, we can’t gloss over the year 2017 without a mention of the numerous supports from our volunteers across the length and breadth of Nigeria. How I wish we can rewind the clock, perhaps we could have seen how colorful the year was to our community.


We started the year with less than ten (10) members but today; we are well above thirty (30) committed members,


While basking in the joy of the upsurge in the number of our member, we cannot forget many of our Non-Wiki based organizations, which have recognized with our group through various form of partnerships like:


·         Goge Africa-  Content Partner

·         WFM 91.7 – Awareness for Nigerian Women

·         University of Ibadan,- Wikimedia Fan Club

·         Nigeria Institute of Journalism, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria- Wikimedia Fan Club.

·         Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, Indurdtry , Mines  and Agriculture – Awareness

·         Wiki Loves Women Team- 

·         Wiki Loves Earth Team

·         Wiki Loves Monuments Team

·         Wiki Loves Africa. Team

·         Goethe Institut @goethe.nigeria- Platform for Training

·         Project PINK BLUE- Awareness

·         Cee-Hope Nigeria-Awareness

·         @Blackface Radio- Awareness

·         Fountain University, Oshogbo Nigeria- Wikipedia @15 ( Awareness)

·         Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre. @wteconlinepage- Awareness

 - African Community at Large.

****  and many others that we cant mention.

We wish you Merry Xmas and Happy New Year in Advance


For Wikimedia UG Nigeria


Olaniyan Olushola

President Wikimedia UG Nigeria

CEO. Data Access Systems Ltd
President, WUGN
Member, Affiliates Committee ( Affcom)
Treasurer, FOSSFA
MD,Olbims Consulting
Phone: +2348154876844
Facebook:Olaniyan Shola
Wiki User Page: Olaniyan Olushola