Thanks Kipala

Yes the table is getting a little unmanageable, I have separated out the Wikivoyage pages and cut some of the European languages and added Afrikaans, Kiswahili, Malegache and Yoruba. Should I add the most spoken languages in Africa as well? Hopefully tools will improve so that people can simply see languages that are relevant to them.

Thanks again


On 27 April 2016 at 11:47, Ingo Koll <> wrote:
Hi John,
appreciate your initiative and welcome it!

* As for languages- not so sure about UN-languages but some African languages should be in it - the 2 most relevant presently being Afrikaans and Kiswahili (statistically strong are also Malegache and Yoruba, lets see if they can participate?)

If you add more languages the table gets difficult to handle, too wide. Reorganize it any way.

I will add some for sure in swwiki.
Cheers Kipala

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