Dear Admins, I sent this on March 9. As in the past  that messages were passed on fast I wonder if there is something about this topic ? I would like something soon in followup.
Cheers  Ingo

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Betreff: African-Wikimedians Digest, #WikiGap
Datum: Fri, 9 Mar 2018 15:27:24 +0100
Von: Ingo Koll <>

On March 8 was International Women`s Day and Swedish embassies worldwide had organized editathon events for their initiative "#WikiGap", aimed at adding women related content to wikipedia.


I would like to hear
1)  which wikimedia groups around Africa were involved in these events and
2) what was the outcome, especially
3) how much of the uploaded content did survive.

I had written already back in February but then my contribution to this almanach ws not forwarded (overlooked? did I write too critical??). I was sceptical about the  project when I heard from Tanzania how it had been started and now see that indeed much content (about 60-70%) which was uploaded in Dar es Salaam ran immediately into the "speedy delete" situation and was erased. Obviously this is a pity and a disappointment for the new contributors who joined that event.

So I would be happy to hear where else in Africa something took place connected to our groups.


Ingo -Kipala

The Swedish embassy locations in Africa are:

Algeria, Algiers (Embassy)
Angola, Luanda (Embassy)

Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou (Embassy)
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa (Embassy)
Egypt, Cairo (Embassy)
Ethiopia, Addis Ababa (Embassy)
Kenya, Nairobi (Embassy)
Liberia, Monrovia (Embassy)
Mali, Bamako (Embassy)
Morocco, Rabat (Embassy)
Mozambique, Maputo (Embassy)
Nigeria, Abuja (Embassy)
Rwanda, Kigali (Embassy)
South Africa, Pretoria (Embassy)
Sudan, Khartoum (Embassy)
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam (Embassy)
Tunisia, Tunis (Embassy)
Uganda, Kampala (Embassy)
Zambia, Lusaka (Embassy)
Zimbabwe, Harare (Embassy)