Dear all

I'm working on the Connected Open Heritage project which aims to improve and create knowledge about the built cultural heritage especially built heritage in danger of several countries around the world. The project is a collaboration between Wikimedia Sweden, Wikimedia Italia, UNESCO and Cultural Heritage without Borders.

The aims of the project are:
We would very much like people from all over the world to be involved, you can take part by:
  1. Adding information to countries to the List of Heritage Registers article.
  2. Adding information about potential partner organisations who may have images of built heritage in our shortlist of countries.
  3. Adding information about built cultural heritage in the countries on our shortlist
  4. Designing our logo (open until Sunday) and support existing logo designs (open until the 11th of November).
For reference these are the African countries on our shortlist:
  • Mali
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Tanzania
  • Zimbabwe
  • South Africa
  • Kenya

Thanks very much