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FYI, there are two job openings for the next phase of the Strategy project.


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Dear all,

I am happy to share another update on the movement strategy process. As we
resume work, we’re planning to put together a team to design and facilitate
the next phase of the movement strategy process. This team will be
responsible for shaping the overall process in a way that supports
participation and engagement of the diverse constituents and stakeholders
of our movement.

As I mentioned in my last email, I’ve asked Nicole Ebber of WMDE to take on
the role as Process Lead for this next phase. She has been busy mapping out
the team and skills we will need to move forward, including writing
descriptions for each role, which you can find on Meta-wiki

In clarifying these roles, it became evident that there are some people who
have played a major role in the process to-date and who bring much-needed
skills and insight to the team. As a result, we’ve asked two people from
the first phase to formalize their collaboration in the Strategy Process
Architect and Process Support Lead capacity and join this next phase as
core team members. *We’re still finalizing details, but I look forward to
announcing them soon!*

We are still looking for people for two of the other roles in the core
team. In the first phase of the process, last year, we worked with a number
of consultants from outside the movement.

For this phase, *I am very interested in building a team from within our
movement* -- bringing together people with a passion for our movement, the
necessary skills for the work we need to do, and an interest in helping us
solve some of our most challenging questions. I believe that this is an
exciting opportunity to take on a leadership role, develop their skills,
and work on an essential priority for the future of our movement. *I
strongly encourage people from all across the movement to apply.  *

*We are looking for candidates for these two positions: *

   - *Information & Knowledge Manager* - A person with experience in
   managing the flow of large amounts of qualitative information. They will be
   responsible for ensuring the effective, yet inclusive, collection of inputs
   from movement stakeholder discussions around key questions and themes of
   Phase II. They will be responsible for making sure community has clarity
   about the process itself and its goals, for ensuring a steady information
   flow to critical stakeholders, and for effective communication of the
   status and results through movement-wide communication. (Application link
   - *Project Manager* - A person with experience in project management and
   evaluation. They should be comfortable with navigating high-volume
   information flows, multiple competing stakeholders, and situational
   ambiguity and complexity. This person will be responsible for coordinating
   and managing human and financial resources, coordinating activities within
   the strategy team, as well as strategy process related activities within
   the wider Wikimedia movement. This person will be in charge of tracking
   progress against goals, deliverables and milestones, as well as managing
   timely status updates and reporting and is expected to ensure fluent work
   streams within the process as well as managing the overall process
budget. (Application
   link [3]

*We strongly encourage applications from members of our extended Wikimedia
community. *Some additional notes:

   - Both of these roles are meant to be 40 hours/week for a period of
   approximately 24 months.
   - Contractors in both roles can be located almost anywhere, with support
   for travel as appropriate.
   - Because we want people from across the movement to consider applying,
   please note that these roles require you be comfortable working in English,
   but do not require English as a native language. Particularly for the
   Project Manager role, the emphasis is on functional comfort, rather than
   - We are especially interested in candidates from our emerging

If you are interested but uncertain and would like to know more, please
reach out to me or Nicole. If you know someone who would be a perfect fit
but might not think they are eligible, please encourage them to apply. We
are hoping to finish hiring for both these roles by the end of April, with
the plan that they will continue through mid-2020.

*Next steps*

Each step of the process will be created with and enriched by, individuals
and groups from across and beyond the movement. This means that in the
course of the process, we will again be calling for a steering committee,
advisors, and liaisons to take many different perspectives and experiences
into account.

I am excited that we can now kick off the first steps of the process with
these team members and prepare for the first essential milestone in the
upcoming phase - the Wikimedia Conference and its movement strategy track.
We will share more information and details about that in our next update.

*Okay, that’s it -- don’t forget to apply!*



Katherine Maher

Executive Director
Wikimedia Foundation

1 Montgomery Street, Suite 1600
San Francisco, CA 94104

+1 (415) 839-6885 ext. 6635
+1 (415) 712 4873
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