Hi friends at African affiliates,

I would like to share our video from the Asia-Pacific panel, to give you a better idea of format:


We welcome pre-recorded segments of about 2 minutes from every affiliate in Africa. This might be especially useful if you might have an internet connection or other technical problem during the livestream; ideally we want a mix of both live and recorded segments, and we can have live people introduce recorded segments - see how it works in the Asia-Pacific video. The pre-recorded segments can be in any language, from Arabic to French to Swahili to anything else, but it would be good if possible to have captioning in English. We would ask that you upload the pre-recorded videos to Youtube, because it is easiest to download and play them from there. Please get your videos uploaded by Wednesday if you can.

I am going to propose that we have a test broadcast on Thursday January 21 at 16:00 UTC, which is exactly 48 hours before the real broadcast. This will be useful to get acquainted with the Streamyard software we will be using and test out videos and screen-sharing. The Streamyard software generally works best with the Chrome browser.

Please add your affiliate to the list on the meta page, and encourage your regional friends to join too!

We'd also be glad to answer any questions either here, or you can write to Justice, Andrew and me privately.


On Fri, Jan 15, 2021 at 4:00 AM Justice Okai-Allotey <owulakpakpo@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi African Affiliates,

Like you are aware we are having a Wikipedia 20 Africa Virtual Event. Like we discuss the other time Bobby Shabangu, Winnie Kabintie and myself have taken lead in making sure this happens.

We are happy to also get the folks at Wikipedia Weekly to livestream this event for us on January 23 at 14pm UTC. Find more details on this page on the Meta page attached below.[1] We would update it as much as possible, and also put in your affiliates name if you want to participate.

Also, African Affiliates can submit short pre-recorded videos of 2 minutes or less of what Wikipedia at 20 means to them. We are still planning which means to use to collect the videos so if yours is ready send them over to us. There would be a panel discussion too so all potential affiliates who would want to be on the panel can add their name and ping us.

You can also support this CentralNotice banner here.[2]

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

Happy 20th Birthday to Wikipedia.


[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiki_20_Countdown/Africa
[2]  https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/CentralNotice/Request/WP20_Africa
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