Thanks John !

Actually, your message made me laugh. Because yesterday, the Wikimedia in Africa page actually displayed exactly what you describe. And it is I who told Isla that it was not so good.
What was not great was

* the grid of logos was not really sexy because all logos actually very much look the same...

* when the logos were in grid mode, you had to flip them, then to click to access a short summary about the chapter. Then you had to click on "to read more" to get to yet another page were there was not much, but at least links to social networks and websites. It was not very user friendly (no less than 6 clicks were need to go from main page to the find the facebook link of an association, which I thought really overkill) and it was unlikely that the content about user groups and chapters there would really expand. So I suggested we change that to keep only one page, where I put a lot of information.

All the individual pages of chapters still exist (in the trash :)) so I will quickly set it back as it was yesterday. So that you can see and tell what is the best option in the end. Grid or slideshow.

Really both are possible. It will not take me much time to do it and you tell me what's the best option.


I will try to put the missing logo. No promise there. Yesterday, it took me a LONG time to understand how the tile system worked...


Then, I agree, there is a free spot there.

Anyone interested to propose a new project with a "continent-wide" approach ? WikiAfrica UserGroup ?


Le 08/06/2017 à 19:53, john cummings a écrit :
It looks really great :) I think this kind of lightweight projects hub is perfect.

My only suggestions are: 
  • On the Wikimedia in Africa page is to display the different user group logos as a grid of logos rather than a slideshow, maybe the text would be too small under the logos though? 
  • Wikimedia is missing a logo on
Someone needs to start one more project so that it makes a proper square with the symbols on the front page :)


On 8 June 2017 at 16:30, Isla Haddow Flood <> wrote:

After a lot of time and effort, we are VERY pleased to announce the launch for the website. 

The website has been completely revamped in order to give due credit to all the members of the moment - including sponsors, hosts and, of course, to showcase the projects. Please feel free to look through the website and suggest changes or where you feel more information could be added. At the moment, the information is very sparse and is designed to lead people to investigate the projects in more depth via their own websites, or to get involved with the existing wikimedia chapters and affiliates. 

We look forward to your feedback, 

Isla and Florence

Isla Haddow-Flood
Co-project Manager
Username: Islahaddow

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