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On Thu, Dec 4, 2014 at 4:17 AM, Kelsey Wiens <> wrote:
This is a fantastic idea. Especially after Raphael and team's incredibly successful Kumusha Bus in Ghana this past weekend. I'm told there is a thriving open community in Ghana that's looking for more opportunities to connect and grow!


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   1. Re: Wikimedia gathering in Ghana in 2017  together with the
      meeting ACASA Art Council of the African  Studies Association
      (Isla Haddow-Flood)


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Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2014 12:59:27 +0200
From: Isla Haddow-Flood <>
To: Mailing list for African Wikimedians
Subject: Re: [African Wikimedians] Wikimedia gathering in Ghana in
        2017    together with the meeting ACASA Art Council of the African
        Studies Association
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Hi Kasper

In June, Wikimedia ZA held Wiki Indaba. It was for wikipedians from Africa and wikipedians working on Africa from outside, as well as those from the aligned movement across Africa. We had delegates from all over Africa, including Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire and Tunisia, and France. Afripedia was invited, I know, because I made a special effort to make sure they knew about it. I believe Florence also mentioned it to them. But there was some change happening at Afripedia too.

I think another Wiki Indaba will definitely happen, but for when and where you will have to check with Douglas at Wikimedia ZA the original organizers (and aiming for Ghana for 2017 is a great idea, hopefully having had others in 2015-6).

I really don't see any point in spitting the conference and having a francophone one separate from the rest. It means we are going backwards, but with Afripedia on board, perhaps the weighting of the conference can become more balanced. You can find out more about the conference at ... And on meta:

Most of the people on this list were at the last one.


Isla on the move. Excuse the brevity.

> On 4 Dec 2014, at 00:38, Kasper Souren <> wrote:
>> On Wednesday, December 3, 2014, Iolanda Pensa <> wrote:
>> In 2017 (August 9-13), the ACASA Art Council of the African Studies Association is having its triennial meeting in Ghana. it is the first time in Africa.
> Great!
>> I wanted to launch the idea for an African gathering in another country (as suggested by Wikimedia ZA) but with a light management work.
>> what do you think?
> During the Afripedia session this week the idea came up to organize something like a "Francophone Wikimania" somewhere in Africa at some point in the future.
> Kasper
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