Dear African-Wikimedians Community members, 

I am writing as an admin of the mailing list to inform you about Wikimedia Space (here is a quick intro to this new platform). 

The team at Wikimedia Spaces propose to mirror African-Wikimedians in Space. We explain in detail what this means at Integrating mailing lists to Wikimedia Space.

This means that a "African-Wikimedians" subcategory has been created in the Space forum, and any emails sent to the mailing list would appear there as well. Think of this as a web archive: users are able to read but no reply or start new topics. For that, they would need to use the mailing list exactly as it is done today. For the mailing list subscribers everything would stay the same.

Please check 

The public mailing lists have been mirrored to Space to improve the exchange of information across the movement. The topics mirrored in Space appear in the Latest list and in the search results. Users can tag topics and "like" comments. If a subscriber of the mailing list is registered in Space with the same email address, they will earn the "likes" to their messages and this will help them build their trust in Space, without doing anything extra. 

Please let us know what you think. If you have questions, let's talk. If you have more general questions or feedback about Wikimedia Space, please ask, there will be someone to answer or offer guidance 

Best regards,

Kayode Yussuf