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I wanted to outline that both Kumusha Takes Wiki and Wiki Loves Africa are being conducted in English and French


And to a certain extent in Arabic thanks to a couple of volunteers who helped. But not as thoroughly than as in French or English.

I see the contest is over now, will there be another one coming up?

I hope we will have another one in one year from now !
We will have to identify the topic though. Any idea ?

The other thing is that we are thinking a very nice extension to the photo contest could be a project to write a collection of wikibooks related to Cuisine in a variety of countries.
That would be a nice opportunity to clean/categorize/use the uploaded photos.


I was quite disappointed by the limited participation of Cameroom to the photo contest. Given the effort already been done in that country to train editors and to promote the project, I expected more input.

While trying to upload some pictures to https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Afripedia_Douala I'm starting to understand at least one part of the issue. Internet connections are really bad. Very high ping times, both at the French institute as well as in the hotel I'm staying in now, which I can't easily consider cheap (at least in terms of pricing).

Yes. We had the problem in many countries as well. Which is why we agreed that a few groups from the focus countries upload till the end of this week.

I remember for example, Erina (Uganda) organized a visit to a food market in the morning with students and an upload session in the afternoon. The connexion was so bad they only succeeded to upload a dozen images. She gave up in the end. And later uploaded the images in a dropbox for someone else to upload them on Commons.

And yes... that is one of the big issues we met on the way.


Is there a robust way to upload pictures to Commons over bad internet connections?

Facebook and G+ Android apps have done a fairly good job at uploading pictures automatically, but now I still need to first download them to my laptop and then upload them through the Upload Wizard, which is failing me. Using the Commons Android app is not a good alternative from the hotel connection because it wants me to enter a user/pass combination too often on my phone.


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