Hi all

I wanted to outline that applications to Wikimania Scholarship opened a few days ago.
It is probably worth outlining these two points:

1. "Based on the applicant's home country, each applicant will be categorized as either a Global North or Global South applicant, with the total number of scholarships distributed between the Global North and Global South being set at 25% and 75% respectively."

2. Unlike in previous years, activity within the Wikimedia movement will be the main criteria for evaluation. Participation in non-Wikimedia free knowledge, free software, collaborative or educational initiatives is a plus but is no longer a requirement; individuals who solely contribute to such areas are no longer encouraged to apply. Please see the FAQ for more information on eligibility.

If you were deeply involved in Wikimedia the past year and would like to get the opportunity to talk about your activities in Mexico, to listen to other participants experience and to build new projects, do consider applying for a travel grant.