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I see the contest is over now, will there be another one coming up?

Maybe.  What it takes for that to be a "yes" is a group to take initiative to organize it, and to request the resources needed to run it (at the very least, prizes, but usually also logistics etc.), whether via a grant or through local sponsorships or crowdfunding.  In the case of this competition this year, the organization was undertaken by the Africa Centre, which secured a WMF grant to fund it:

(you might also be interested in the talk page)

I was quite disappointed by the limited participation of Cameroom to the photo contest. Given the effort already been done in that country to train editors and to promote the project, I expected more input.

While trying to upload some pictures to https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Afripedia_Douala I'm starting to understand at least one part of the issue. Internet connections are really bad. Very high ping times, both at the French institute as well as in the hotel I'm staying in now, which I can't easily consider cheap (at least in terms of pricing).

Is there a robust way to upload pictures to Commons over bad internet connections?

Not that I know.  It may be a good discussion to have on wikitech-l and/or commons-l.