Dear All,

I don't think the facebook group or the telegram group should be used for any important discussions or critical debate about Wikimedia in Africa.

We need to remember that the mailing list is hosted by the foundation and the content is public and archived. It's very important that the discussions about Wikimedia movement in Africa remain public and available for any internet user or any wikimedians who doesn't have a facebook (not the best open platform for an open movement) or telegram account. 

I think social media accounts should be used for announcements (for a better widespread) or trivial discussions during events/conferences.

I don't think that for an open movement, Facebook, telegram (for today and maybe WhatsApp and other app  tomorrow) are the best communication channels to discuss the wikimedia movement in Africa.

I know these social media app are more convenient than a mailing list and I'm afraid that we fall for this and stop using the mailing list. Maybe the foundation should set in place something more convenient after all; a mobile app like Telegram or WhatsApp where the content can be public and can be archived. 

Co-founder WM TN User Group

Le dimanche 5 mai 2019 à 05:30:17 UTC+2, Bobby Shabangu <> a écrit :

Hi Florence,  

By Facebook group I mean the WikiIndaba Facebook group that was created by you? Apologies for not being clear.

Kind regards, 
Bobby Shabangu

On Sun, 5 May 2019 12:47 AM Florence Devouard, <> wrote:

There is a facebook group ?

Missed that... :(


Le 04/05/2019 à 17:19, Justice Okai-Allotey a écrit :
Hi Bobby,

So moving forward what are we going to do about this different groups. Are we going to merge them into one group focused on African Wikimedians or should we maintain the current status quo.

Looking forward to hearing suggestions from everyone on how we can move forward with this conversation. I know we have a mailing list and Facebook group but adding a telegram page would also help in the information sharing process. 


On Sat, May 4, 2019, 14:57 Bobby Shabangu <> wrote:
Hi Sandister Tei,

You are very true there about duplication.  I think the problem begins with communication break down and we have all joined these mailing lists and chat groups so that we can make our communication better. 

There is an already existing Telegram group that is complementary to this mailing list that was created during the Berlin summit. 

Kind regards, 
Bobby Shabangu

On Fri, 3 May 2019 at 18:22, Amir E. Aharoni <> wrote:
It's not "official" in any way.

I have a lot of questions to African Wikimedians, and I think that other people may find it useful for collaboration and exchanging experience, so I created this Telegram group. No-one has to be there, and it does not replace anything. It's just a convenience, hopefully a useful one.

בתאריך יום ו׳, 3 במאי 2019, 18:49, מאת Sandister Tei ‏<>:
Hello all,

I am on a Telegram group named African Wikimedians. I raised a question if it is a complementary group to this mailing list we have here. I was told it wasn't related to this group, but it came from the AfroCine project.

Now, Telegram groups are trending in the community. Even on the ASBS platform, someone appreciated the fact that user groups had come under one 'digital' roof. So, for me it's not a bad thing that Africans have our own Telegram as well.

However, I am also aware of our community's tendencies for duplicates, triplicates etc of things.

As a recruiter who encourages new editors to join these platforms to expand their understanding of the movement, I want to know if that Telegram platform has our collective buy-in or will be getting our collective buy-in. After all, it bears the official name that this mailing list has.

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African-Wikimedians mailing list
African-Wikimedians mailing list
African-Wikimedians mailing list

African-Wikimedians mailing list
African-Wikimedians mailing list
African-Wikimedians mailing list