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Hello, all. :)

As you know, we are launching a movement strategy process and want people
from the community integrally involved at every stage. We are accordingly
seeking active Wikimedians interested in applying for a number of Community
Strategy Coordinator positions. The people hired for these positions will
be part-time, remote contractors of up to 20 hours a week with a contract
of 3 months. Start date should be in early March.

You can see the job descriptions and apply for the positions at <>, but here’s a quick
summary of who we’re looking for and what they’ll be doing:

*Language Specialist Strategy Coordinators*

These will be bilingual speakers of a specific list of non-English
languages[1] and English who are experienced in their language project
community or communities. They will be expected to be able to both conduct
deep outreach to these non-English communities and to liaise between these
communities and others, in order to maximize the ability of their
communities to participate in the movement strategy process. They will also
need to be capable of monitoring and summarizing discussions about strategy
topics and will be expected to produce a summary report at the end of their

*Metawiki Strategy Coordinators*

These facilitators need not be multilingual (although it is a plus), but
must be fluent in English and must be experienced contributors to one or
more Wikimedia communities. They will be working alongside the language
specialist coordinators, the global community, the Wikimedia Foundation and
the strategy team to facilitate the most inclusive strategy process
possible. This will include outreach to global communities, offering their
own community experience and advice to those involved in the process, and
leading, monitoring, and summarizing strategy-related discussions. They
will be expected to produce a summary report at the end of their contract.

If you think either of these sounds like you or another community member
you know, I encourage you to visit the job application page and review the
job descriptions for more details (again, that's at <>).
Please tell us about your experiences as a Wikimedian and why you think you
would be a good fit for this role. Our goal is to run the most inclusive
strategy process we can, and that means we need experienced community
members like you to help!




   - Arabic
   - Bengali
   - Chinese
   - Dutch
   - French
   - German
   - Hebrew
   - Hindi
   - Italian
   - Japanese
   - Malayam
   - Polish
   - Portuguese
   - Russian
   - Spanish
   - Swedish
   - Vietnamese

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