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Hi everyone,

The WikidataCon Call for submissions is open!
I’m a member of the program committee and I can assure you that we’d love to see many GLAM-and-Wikidata-related submissions in the broadest sense.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

See below for all links in Léa’s mail! Deadline is July 31.

Many greetings, Sandra (User:Spinster)

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Hello there,

From now and until July 31st, you can submit projects for the WikidataCon program!

Our focus is sharing your knowledge and experience within the community. We suggest a lot of different formats, topics, and we also have room for unusual formats and new ideas.

Feel free to submit your projects, support other submissions, ask the program committee for any question.

We hope that many of you will contribute to this program to make the WikidataCon amazing, community-driven and diverse :)


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