Hello everyone,

We've released OOjs UI 0.23.0, yesterday. It will be in MediaWiki core from
1.30.0-wmf.18, which will be deployed to Wikimedia production in
the regular train, starting on Tuesday 12 September. As there are five
changes in this release, at least nominally, please carefully consider if
affect your code.

Breaking changes since last release:
* Remove CardLayout and references in IndexLayout (Volker E.)
CardLayout was renamed to TabPanelLayout in v0.21.3 and all its references
back then; now its alias has been removed.

* Remove FloatingMenuSelectWidget (Volker E.)
FloatingMenuSelectWidget got deprecated in v0.21.3 and now has been removed.
Use MenuSelectWidget instead.

* Remove back-compat `OO.ui` prefix assumption in infusion code (Prateek
We've requested that infused data contained the full class name, rather
than assuming
the "OO.ui" prefix, since v0.12.0. Backwards-compatible `OO.ui` prefixing
has been
removed in this release.

* icons: Remove 'caret' icons (James D. Forrester)
The 'caretUp', 'caretDown', 'caretLast', and 'caretNext' icons were
and replaced with the almost-identical 'collapse', 'expand', 'previous',
and 'next' ones
in v0.21.3 and are now removed completely.

* icons: Remove 'wikitrail' icon (James D. Forrester)
'wikitrail' icon was renamed to 'mapTrail' for consistency in v0.20.1.

Deprecations since last release:

* BookletLayout: Rename `getClosestPage()` to `findClosestPage()` (Prateek
Renaming this getter for one of the 0+ items inside to `findClosestPage()`
for consistency.
Please switch over to the new name.

* icons: Flag unused 'sun' icon as to be removed (James D. Forrester)
'sun' icon isn't in use in any of our products or products known to us,
nor is it planned to be used. In order to keep things small, we'll remove
the icon
in next breaking release.

* icons: Move 'eye'/'eyeClosed' to 'accessibility' (Volker E.)
We want to use 'alerts' pack more deliberately in major products and gonna
move certain icons to other packs.

* icons: Move 'signature' to 'editing-advanced' (Volker E.)
We want to use 'alerts' pack more deliberately in major products and gonna
move certain icons to other packs.

Please update your icon pack references accordingly in case you're using

Additional details on the 11 new features, 63 code-level and accessibility
28 styling and interaction design fixes, and all improvements since v0.22.0
are in
the full changelog[0]. If you have any further queries or need help dealing
with breaking changes, please let me know.

As always, a general set of library documentation is
available on mediawiki.org[1], and there is some comprehensive
generated code-level documentation and interactive demos hosted on

[0] - https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/diffusion/GOJU/
[1] - https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/OOjs_UI
[2] - https://doc.wikimedia.org/oojs-ui/master/


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