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On Mar 31, 2019, at 6:33 PM, Derick Alangi <> wrote:


Indeed, it was a good month and this time around, more interesting than February. The statistics of March 2019 has been published[0] (just in case, you can subscribe to the ticket to watch changes). Congratulations to the 3 that made it on the leader board.

I'll personally like to congratulate Jerop Brenda from Kenya leading (with 1st position) and it's a wonderful inspiration for us to see this change in the statistics, congratulations and keep it up!

In addition, find bugs/tasks to work on under the "New Contributor's Task" or "Tasks" column[1] and if you have any queries, you can always ask here on the mailing list or on the #wikimedia-dev-africa, #wikimedia-dev or on #wikimedia-tech IRC channels on Freenode. Another very reliable Developer Support system you can use for questions is the:[2] and there are weekly Technical Advice IRC meetings on #wikimedia-tech[3], you can also use it as well to ask your questions and get instant help and/or feedback.

Cheers and happy hacking!

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