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AfroCROWD joins the AfroCine Project to Bridge the Content Gap on Historical and Contemporary Afro Cinema, Theatre, and Art 

Do you like African Cinema? This may be the Wiki Challenge for you!

Do you have a favorite African or Afro-descended actor or actress who doesn't have a Wikipedia article, is missing a photo or whose Wikipedia article is too short? Get them on the list for the brand new international Wikipedia project on African artists: the Wikipedia AfroCine Project. 

Led by Nigerian Wikipedian Sam Oye in partnership with Open West Africa, AfroCROWD and others throughout Africa, and South America,  the vision of the project is:

"To bridge the huge content gap and improve on the systemic bias, in respect of the African continent, by getting real African stories and viewpoints into the mainstream. This will be achieved by making: articles, citations, images, videos, and data, about the historical and contemporary African cinema, theatre and arts, to be readily available and easily accessible, both online and offline, and in different languages."

We are now in the early stages and are looking for article suggestions. Please add your article suggestions here or via the link below.

In the months of October and November, we are hosting AfroCine Months, because you can't fit all of that great Afro Cinema in just one month!  During this time we will collectively lead edit-a-thons and encourage you to participate individually at an event or online on your own to add articles about notable African cinema artists or the engineers, producers, set designers and other talents behind the screen.

It will be great, we look forward to this international event.

Join AfroCROWD at  WikiConference North America in Ohio, October 18-21!

WikiConference North America is coming to Columbus Ohio and AfroCROWD will be there!

WikiConference North America is the annual conference of Wikimedia enthusiasts and volunteers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The 2018 conference will take place in  Columbus, Ohio on October 18-21. Our main host is the Ohio State University Libraries, and planning is underway by the  WikiConference North America User Group and partners. 

Click on the information button below for more. Register today!

AfroCROWD in Paris
AfroCROWD Wikipedia edit-a-thon in Paris Oct. 19th at Salon du Livre D'Art Des Afriques
Do you follow AfroCROWD from France?  Organizer Ivonne Gonzalez will hold an 
AfroCROWD edit-a-thon workshop next Saturday, October 19th from 11 AM to 4:30 PM  at the Salon du Livre D'art des Afriques in Paris (128 Rue de LaFayette, 75010 Paris, France).  At the workshop, participants will be treated to a free training on how to edit Wikipedia. If you will be in the area, stop by and check it out!


Vendredi 19 octobre, 11h - 16h30, Salon du Livre D'art des Afriques in Paris (128 Rue de LaFayette, 75010 Paris, France) : Présentation AfrocCROWD en Paris: « Noircir le Wikipédia » en Europe.  

« Ennegrecer » le Wikipédia est un projet qui articule la formation d'un réseau transatlantique de l'initiative AfroCROWD née aux États Unies . .....

Pour plus sur cette evenement en français,  cliquez sur le lien ici.  Merci!

Digitizing the Diaspora w/ Wikipedia 
From AfroCROWD UK headed by founding organizer Kelly Foster: 

Wikipedia is the 5th most popular website in the world, yet there are more articles on the Netherlands alone than the whole of the African continent! Is it time we rebalanced the scales? Open knowledge advocate, award-winning Wikipedia Kelly Foster of AfroCROWD UK shares her thoughts on why people of African heritage should consider editing Wikipedia. For more information, click here:

UVA AfroCROWD Partnership
AfroCROWD has partnered in solidarity with Wikimedians at the University of Virginia who are working to improve knowledge about people of African Descent on Wikipedia and in Charlottesville, VA.

University of Virginia Librarians and our friend, fellow Wikimedian, Lane Rasberry, have been working to organize Wiki events centered on the African American community:

Resurfacing Black Life

The next big event is November 30th. It is called " Resurfacing Black Life".   

Resurfacing Black Life is a public Wikipedia event for students and faculty to have fun while also sharing information from the library's special collections. Wikipedia has been a popular source of information for a generation and continues to influence thought in all fields. By sharing information in Wikipedia we make information accessible to others and track its popularity. Come to socialize, share snacks, and to publish information that people will read. Feel free to ask any questions you have ever had about the encyclopedia.
Another exciting project in the Charlottesville area is WikiProject Newspapers!
This project is designed to fill an important gap on Wikipedia: Several thousand local newspapers have no Wikipedia entry or have a very minimal stub. This project's current major initiative is to create useful stub articles, with infoboxes, for 1,000 U.S.-based newspapers, by December 15, 2018.
The organizers of are especially interested in African American regional, especially Charlottesville area newspapers before and just after desegregation. These newspapers are all amazing reads. That newspaper project is big and seeks to index all these newspapers so that more people can access them. It is a data science-oriented project.  For more information please  check out this link

Wiki Education African American Medical Schools Project:

In the spring the another UVA project will be working on a  Wiki Education program to have each student make an article about a defunct school from 1900-1950 where black nurses, clinicians, etc studied health care. The records of these places even existing is fading. This project, based in the UVA Medical School, will focus on African American medical education before desegregation. For more information on this exciting project, please stay tuned!
AfroCROWD Los Angeles
Wiki Salon at Loyola Marymount University Saturday, Oct. 13th!
A group of librarians of color and AfroCROWD LA, headed by founding organizer Kai Alexis Smith, are hosting a wiki salon on October 13th at Loyola Marymount University (1 Loyola Marymount University Dr, Los Angeles) from 4-6pm.  If you are in the LA area, please join them!

The AfroCROWD LA branch is also growing. Interested in joining?  We would love to hear from you. Do you live in the Los Angeles area and have an interest in Wikipedia or want to connect with other people with similar interests? Connect with the Los Angeles branch at this and at future events.

Click here to join us with the subject line "LA!"
Other Wikimedia Community Happenings
Coming Events from Wikimedia New York City

There are some great events happening soon out of our home chapter, Wikimedia New York City. Take a look:

Recent Events
We look forward to seeing you soon at a coming Wikipedia event! Here are some highlights from recent AfroCROWD gatherings and other events.
AfroCROWD joins the New York African Community as Guests of the Mayor at Gracie Mansion

African Heritage Reception 2018

September 26, 2018, the first-ever African Heritage Reception held at Gracie Mansion welcomed New York City's African community, one of the largest African communities in the country. 

AfroCROWD founder Alice Backer and AfroCROWD program director, Sherry Antoine, were on-hand for the event, which boasted some of New York's key African community organizers and influencers. This includes our own, artist and AfroCROWDer, Tetteh Tawiah, who was another guest at the event. 

Singer, actress, composer, and philanthropist Tsidii Le Loka was honored at the event and received a proclamation naming September 26, 2018 'Tsidii Le Loka Day.'

AfroCROWD looks forward to continued partnerships with the African community in the New York City area and beyond.

Photos clockwise: AfroCROWD's Sherry and Alice were guests at the first ever African Heritage reception at New York's Gracie Mansion where Mayor Bill De Blasio spoke to leaders of the city's African community. AfroCROWDer Tetteh Tawiah was also in attendance seen in the next photo at center. Next row: Photo of Mayor De Blasio as he honors legendary singer Tsidii Le Loka (right) [pic courtesy of the office of the Mayor]. African Heritage Reception Invitation.
Digitizing Africa In The Dancehall: A Wikipedia Intervention 

In September our Kelly Foster, founding organizer of AfroCROWD UK, joined with Decolonising the Archive to explore how Jamaican Dancehall music and dance is represented on Wikipedia. The day investigated the role of language and movement in knowledge production. With contributions from celebrated choreographer and dance scholar H. Patten, curator Lisa Anderson, Fresh Az Ice crew and, public historian and organizer for AfroCROWD UK - this is part of a long-term project to improve content about Jamaican dance traditions and knowledge.

Check it out!  http://www.decolonisingthearchive.com/events//digitising-africa-in-the-dancehall-a-wikipedia-intervention
Photo: Dancers from Ignition Dance Company and Fresh Az Ice crew demonstrating the Gully Creepa
AfroCROWD's home chapter is  Wikimedia New York City  The chapter is made up of a large group of dedicated individuals who are working hard to provide great Wikipedia community-related programs throughout the New York City area and beyond. Thank you for all you do!
Join the Global Wikipedia Community today with AfroCROWD!

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AfroCROWD i.e.  Afro Free Culture Crowdsourcing Wikimedia (AfroCROWD) is an outreach initiative which seeks to increase awareness of the Wikimedia and free knowledge, culture and software movements among potential editors of African descent. Since its launch during Black Wiki History Month in 2015, AfroCROWD has sensitized thousands in its target audience about free culture crowdsourcing and the need to close the multicultural and gender gaps in Wikipedia. AfroCROWD has also held monthly multilingual edit-a-thons in partnership with cultural institutions, galleries, libraries, archives, museums (GLAM) and many others. AfroCROWD has also worked with professors at educational institutions like New York University, The New School, Icahn Medical School and Columbia University among others. AfroCROWD also organizes events to train future trainers in its target community.

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