I ready to be an active developer. You reach me on 
email: elizabethkosine71@gmail.com 
Phone number: +233271554710 / 0501377904

On Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 2:15 AM, Edward Afful <eddyafful@gmail.com> wrote:
Good Day Developer,

You may have attended the AWMD training organised at IMPACT HUB some weeks back by Open Foundation West Africa. It was awesome having you around. In view of the major discussions around strengthening the community with constant debugging to increase our bragging rights across Africa, we would want to know if you:
  • Would you be ready to work as an active volunteer developer on the (Africa Wikimedia Developer Project in Ghana)  AWMD Ghana Team?  We are looking at getting a Team that would work actively on solving bugs and continue the good work that was started. In so doing we would want to know your decision and if you are ready to put to use, the skills acquired from the training we had sometime back.
  • Can tell us if you think you can make time within your schedule to champion this great course?
  • Are familiar with github and slack? If not we can provide more insight and support to get you going smoothly.
However, based on your response we would send you the details to our (collective/unified) githuaccount and our slack account details so that we can get ""debugging"" :) :)

Please confirm your email and contact number by writing it as part of your reply to this email.

NB: This mail is to only Ghanaian developers.
Edward Afful
Lead AWMD Ghana Team

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