Then how about this?
I have requested this submission to the administrators of the Dutch Wikipedia.

It's been more and four days and you're getting an automatic confirmation status (including admin).  After the evaluation period, you can restore the previous version of the deleted page from the previously deleted page and return to (almost) the same page for other reasons: Long-term abuse, but that is no longer in the discussion of deleting pages.

This is not an unblock request, but a request to recreate a deleted page.

You can nicely copy the article at So can you regenerate a page that has been deleted but no longer exists in the delete page discussion?

Don't forget to recreate the article at but must be made complete, not abbreviated (only the translation helps to develop the article).

But first make the article on

Also make an article for me at

For articles on, you can restore the master version of the deleted page, but if it is fixed, you can delete WIU immediately before republishing it.

At you can recreate articles that are no longer in the discussion.
I waited more than four days to recreate the deleted page.  That means it was automatically confirmed for a limited time of one month (the excuse I was given was that I repeatedly regenerated a page that was deleted after an evaluation period of blocking and/or deleting and reverting to (almost) the same contributions).