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Thank you, Adesoji!

Adesoji Temitope joined the team in October 2021 as a consultant through This Dot Labs, lending his experience in Vue.js and front-end development to the team. As Adesoji concludes his work with This Dot, we see Adesoji thus wrapping up his work on Wikifunctions. We are sad to see him go!

Here are Adesoji’s own words:

It's been an incredible journey to work with some of the best of the minds I have known in my professional career. I got to work on a very interesting and unique project. Thanks for the opportunity, Sadly, I am leaving with a warm heart. Thank you, everyone, and goodbye.

Adesoji has been working on the Wikifunctions front-end, developing the interface for functions which will allow the contributors and users of Wikifunctions to interact with them. Thank you Adesoji for your work, and we wish you best of luck in your future endeavors!

Welcome, Allan Jeremy!

This Dot is on-boarding another engineer to support us in the development of Wikifunctions, Allan Jeremy.

Here are Allan’s own words:

I am a self-taught software engineer from Nairobi, Kenya. I started learning how to code at 14, owing to a desire to create video games like the ones I loved playing when I was younger. When I am not coding, I am either exploring clear beaches, recording videos, or nerding out about AI. I am also interested in history, philosophy and psychology.

Welcome Allan to the team! We are looking forward to working with you.

A new engineering role is open

As Julia Kieserman transfers to a different role within the Foundation during the next couple months, we are hiring for a new full stack software engineer, with a need to ensure continued delivery on the Vue.js front-end. The role is posted here:

Senior Software Engineer, Abstract Wikipedia

Please consider whether you or someone you know might be the right person for this opportunity to work on Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions in an engineering capacity.

Conversation with Trustees

Abstract Wikipedia and Wikifunctions will join this round of the Conversation with Trustees, organized by the Community Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation. You can join the meeting on February 23, 2023, at 19:00 UTC as per the following page. A recording will be made available.

Recordings from this week’s presentations

As announced last week, we had two recorded meetings.

Stef Dunlap is talking about our end to end testing environment. The presentation and recording is available here, as well as a transcript:

Maria Keet is talking about the design choices for abstract representations we had so far. We are trying to upload the video on Commons as well, and will let you know when it is there, but for those who cannot wait, here is a preliminary place where you can access the video for now:

Development update (February 17, 2023)

Everyone’s working on large patchsets, which will hopefully land soon.