Hello all!

Today was a very busy day for the development team.

We enabled general editing of the wiki on Wikifunctions.org. But the planned roll-out of object editing rights - that is, the ability to create and edit functions, tests, implementations, etc. - hit a stumbling block. It's currently not possible.

An unrelated issue was discovered on the backend, and just to be cautious, we also disabled the ability to call functions at all for now. That issue bound most of our resources, so that we couldn't get to fixing the other issue above.

Also, object history was broken, but we were able to deploy a fix for that.

A more complete list of issues can be found on our Status page:

We will not be giving out functioneer rights until the blocking issues are resolved. We will keep you updated here daily for now.

Contributions to wikifunctions.org in making this a nice wiki to visit, with the necessary help pages and community pages, are more than welcome.

Thank you all for your patience,
And thanks to the team for their hard work today,