Hi all,

Maybe you already took the opportunity to see how the naming contest for the Wiki of Function is going - and it is going really well! We have more than 130 proposals already in, which is far more than we expected. Thank you for that!


On the talk page some of you have raised the issue that this doesn’t allow for an effective voting, because most voters will not go through 130+ proposals to give their votes on that.[1]

We would like to pick up on the suggestions made on the talk page, and propose modifying the rules slightly. We think this setup might work best:

1. Allow expressing supporting votes effectively immediately - E.g. asking here and on the talkpage for people to add {{support}} votes manually, over the next week.
2. On September 29, we add the voting button and thus make it easier to vote.
3. At the same time, we introduce two tiers of visibility for the voting: the top 20 proposals by number of support at this point will be visible on the default (current) voting page. There will then also be a second page with all proposals to vote on linked from the main voting page, the second tier.
4. During the vote, once every working day or so, we will check if there are any proposals that should be moved to the main voting page or dropped from it. We use some discretion here, but basically if anything has more support than the least supported proposals on the main voting page, it should be on the main voting page.
5. Adding completely new proposals will be possible even after September 29, but only to the full list of proposals, i.e. the second tier.

Please let us know if you're for or against this, or if you have comments, here or onwiki or offlist.

Nick / Quiddity

[1] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Abstract_Wikipedia/Wiki_of_functions_naming_contest#Should_we_use_three_round_voting_instead_of_two%3F